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Winter into Spring is the perfect time to embark on a wellness journey or to simply try new things! We're proud to introduce our new Fever-Tree Menu, full of light & fresh mocktails, Fever-Tree soda simple serves, and even some non-alcoholic beer options too. 

White Grape And Apricot

We're proud to offer Fever-Tree's delicious range of sodas on our menu, with flavours inspired by some of the world's most tropical destinations.

Escape the winter blues by sipping on a zingy Virgin Mojito made with Fever-Tree Mexican Lime Soda, or transport yourself to the vibrant vineyards of France with a Fever-Tree White Grape & Apricot Soda. There's so many more alcohol-free flavours to discover on our menu, take a look.


Italian Blood Orange (1)
Raspberry And Orange Blossom Soda
Italian Blood Orange (2)
Mexican Lime Soda
White Grape And Apricot
Soda Range

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