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Situated immediately next door to Victoria station, the grandeur of the space, with its beautiful arched windows and high ceilings, inherits its history from the stunning Grade II listed building that surrounds it. 

Soak offers a daytime hub to meet and greet, a sophisticated restaurant and a well-crafted cocktail menu.  Complex ideas and extensive techniques take place behind the scenes, leaving Soak guests free to discover the stories, flavours and shades of the drink through the act of drinking and savouring it. 


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At any time of day

The Soak offers one of the most exciting new bar, dining and lounge spaces in London. Get immersed in the action at our magnificent oval bar, which greets you as you walk through the doors.

Enjoy an intimate and leisurely dinner in our plush booths or sink into our lounge area if you want to relax further.

Special occasion? Book our secluded chef's table for a celebration to remember. 

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Executive chef Chris Zachwieja

Chris Zachwieja has been appointed head chef of The Soak, the latest arrival on London Victoria’s growing bar and restaurant scene. On the menu, you will find meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, cakes and drinks built around fermenting, pickling, brining and steeping techniques. Taking inspiration from the Grade II listed building it is adjoined to, the design is influenced by the richness of a Parisian chateau - mixed with the vibrancy of the city that surrounds it. With The Soak set to open its doors at the end of April, Chris talks about his passion for pickles and why 2019 will see foodies ‘soaking’ up the latest trend that not only tastes great but has health benefits too. 

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