Kylee Newton Q&A

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Kylee Newton is the woman behind London-based Newton & Pott brand, which specialises in all things preserved. The motto behind her business stems from the humble “waste not, want not” approach , whereby seasonal produce are preserved to prolong their lives into new, tasty treats – this is something close to Newton’s heart, who aims to spread ecological awareness and adopt it to our modern hectic lives by demonstrating how to give foods new life.

From chutneys and jams to compotes and pickles, Newton makes all of her products by hand, transforming what was once associated with grandmothers in the kitchen into an artisanal craft and turning this age-old practice into the perfect modern solution to tackle food waste.


What initially sparked your love for preserving?

My love for preserving started because I wanted to give food longevity and produce less waste. Pickling and preserving offers the perfect route to a more sustainable lifestyle, giving fruit and vegetables a new lease of life by saving one season to eat in another. This can be done by anyone and the aim of my work is to make this less daunting for the everyday cook.

What are the health benefits of preserving?

As pickling generally involves raw fruit and vegetables, this helps to preserve their antioxidant power which escapes once cooked. Fermented and cultured pickles also have probiotic qualities with the bacteria produced benefiting you gastrointestinal health. This all contributes to better overall physiological welfare from skin to digestion and mental wellbeing, creating a more functional immune system.

What attracted you to this particular project?

I was excited to work on this project as fermenting, pickling, soaking and brining is used in every dish in The Soak’s all-day dining menu as well as their delicious cocktail list. It was the perfect chance to learn more about these processes on a wider scale and share my knowledge about home preserves.

How have you collaborated with The Soak?

I hosted two fun workshops called the Soaking Sessions, where I got to chat all things pickling and fermenting alongside Head Chef, Chris Zachwieja. During the sessions I taught the guests how to preserve fruit and vegetables at home as well as talking about the benefits of eating preserved foods and how Chris has incorporated this concept into his menu. For the breakfast workshops, inspired by the blueberry buttermilk pancakes with honey butter the guests created their own blueberry pickles to take home and for the afternoon workshop they pickled beetroots to reflect the salad of pickled heritage beetroots, broad bean and Ossau Iraty on the lunch menu.

What are your favourite dishes on The Soak’s menu?

I was fascinated by Chris Zachwieja’s menu and the extensive collection of pickles he had on his shelves in the kitchen. What stood out for me was the cured chalk stream trout with Romanesco, fennel and cucumber and I can’t wait to go back and make my way through the other delicious dishes available!

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